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Teacher Enrichment

Whether you are a teacher, paraprofessional or a parent who wants to help a child do as well as they can in school, we have courses to help.


Whether you are a new teacher starting out or looking for ways to make your classes more interesting we have courses to help!


Collaborative Learning (NEW!) - One of the skills which has been identified as key to success in the 21st century is being able to work collaboratively. In this course we will look at ways of building communities in the classroom and how to teach our students to work collaboratively.


Differentiated Instruction in the Inclusive Classroom - We know that not all students are the same or learn the same. What works for one student may completely confuse the next students. Explore strategies for using your classroom time in a way that allows you to reach more of your students on a regular basis.


Motivating Students - Wouldn't it be great if your students look forward to your class each day and wanted to to complete the work you assign? Learn skills to help motivate your students to want to learn.


Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom - Every student in your class is intelligent. The trick is to finding out just how he or she is intelligent and tapping that to help your student to learn more easily and to allow him or her to add a new a dimension to your course. 


Project-Based Learning (NEW!) - Want to add project-based learning to your classroom but need help getting started? In this course we will look at examples of projects in various topics and use that as a starting point for designing our own project-based instruction.


Teaching with Social Media (NEW!) - Your kids are using social media every day so why not make it a part of how you teach? In this course we will look at how to use wikis, blogs, social networks and more to get our students involved and motivated.


Whether you are new to the classroom or want to be able to get involved in your children's school, we can give you the skills school look for in Instructional Paraprofessionals.


Child Development - A child's age and developmental progress affects how they see the world and how they learn new things. In this course we will explore various child development and educational theories and how they influence how children learn.


Classroom Management - We know that what we teach and how we teach are important, but possibly even more important is how well we manage our classroom. From getting students to settle down and pay attention to handling behavior issues and disruptions, this course will explore many aspects of effective classroom management.


Instructional Paraprofessional's Training - Instructional Paraprofessionals play an important role in the classroom. This course gives an overview of the role the paraprofessional plays in the assisting the teacher and the students and how the teacher and paraprofessional can work together to create effective learning environments.


Learning and Teaching Theories - This course will explore various theories of how people learn and ways that those theories can be applied to teaching. Theories that will be covered include conditioning theories, social cognitive theories, constructivist theory and cognitive information processing theories.


Teaching Math - Review the skills you will need to pass the Instructional Paraprofessional's exam as you explore ways creative ways to present math skills to students.


Teaching Reading - Review the skills you will need to pass the Instructional Paraprofessional's exam as you explore ways creative ways to present reading skills to students. 


Teaching Writing - Review the skills you will need to pass the Instructional Paraprofessional's exam as you explore ways creative ways to present writing skills to students.


Looking for ways to help your student succeed? Explore these courses about how students learn and find ways to help your students succeed in school.


Learning Styles in the Classroom - Does it seem like some of your students get it with very little help from you while others never seem to even after a lot of one-on-one coaching? If so, it could that you are not speaking their learning language. Every person brings their own learning style to the classroom, even young children. By learning about your own learning style and the learning styles of others you will learn ways to reach all of your students and to help them to learn better.


Positive Parenting - Parents, teachers and other that work children will learn to use Positive Discipline to encourage self-respect, self-discipline, cooperation, good behavior and problem-solving skills in their children. 


Reaching Out to the Strong-Willed Child - Parenting or teaching a strong-willed child can be a challenge on even the best of days. The way they respond to world and to you is different from that of most other children. And the techniques you use to reach other children don't work on them or worse, backfire completely. The way to reach them is not to break their will but to channel it so that it becomes an asset to them as they grow older.

Online Instructors

If you are making the move from "sage on the stage" to "guide on the side" we can help you refine your teaching skills for the new teaching environment.


Fundamentals of Instructional Design - Good instructional design can mean the difference between a course that succeeds in its goals and one that leaves the students without the skills they need. Learn the basics of the ADDIE instructional design strategy.


Moving a Course from the Classroom to Cyberspace - Building an online course is not the same preparing to teach in the classroom. A well-designed online course requires more preparation. And since learning online is different than learning in the classroom, you will need to be aware of what works and what doesn't. 


Teaching Online Successfully - The role of the teacher in the online classroom is no less important than it is in the tradtional classroom, it is just different. Get insights in to how to make the move from "stage on the stage" to "guide on the side" as you move your classroom into cyberspace.


Teaching with Moodle - This course will introduce you to the Moodle Learning Mangement System (LMS) as both a student and as an instructor. You will learn to create a new course by adding content and learning activities. You will learn to manage your class by monitoring student progress, providing feedback and posting grades.


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